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Court-appointed Receivership. Expert Mediation.

Dottore Companies helps companies and individuals in transition address difficult situations with strategic solutions that lead to resolution every time.

Our leadership team welcomes cases of any size and stature, at any stage of conflict, where a successful outcome has yet to be attained.

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Dottore Companies court-appointed receivers


Dottore Companies court-appointed receivers have reached successful settlements in hundreds of cases in Northeast Ohio and across the U.S. In virtually any case, Dottore receivers step in to streamline business and legal processes and fights to ensure that a positive outcome is reached every time.

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Dottore Companies conducts mediation services on a broad spectrum, from pragmatic decisions to emotionally charged situations. Any individual in the early stages of conflict can contact a certified Dottore mediator to greatly reduce attorney fees, save time, and find resolution as soon as possible.

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Third-Party Acquisitions

Dottore expedites mergers and acquisition processes for private clients - typically equity funds and individuals of high net worth - through pre-deal consulting and on-site tactical services.

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