Dottore Companies, LLC

Certified Mediators

Dottore Companies conducts mediation services on a broad spectrum, from pragmatic decisions to emotionally charged situations. Any individual in the early stages of conflict can contact a certified Dottore mediator to greatly reduce attorney fees, save time, and find resolution as soon as possible.

Services include:

  • Personal/Homeowners' Disputes
  • Simple to Complex Divorce Mediation
  • Child Custody Disputes
  • Business Mediation & Dispute Management
  • Employment Separation
  • Litigation Disputes

Divorce Mediation

Dottore has significant experience mediating divorce proceedings that range from simple, single asset cases to complex, multi-business partnerships. In every case, Dottore mediators work to stabilize both sides, creating even value that brings closure to both monetary disputes and child custody issues.

Business Mediation

Dottore mediators draw from a deep business acumen and understanding of the legal system to resolve business partnership disputes at any stage of conflict. As a true neutral party, Dottore works with both sides to negotiate the tangible and intangible assets that will determine effective resolution.

Complex Litigation Services

Complex litigation requires a team that can engage multiple parties toward step-by-step resolution over time. Dottore mediators leverage strong relationships within the legal system, government regulatory agencies and political groups to connect and collaborate for successful outcomes.