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Trust Is Everything

"Mark and his team are very astute businessmen who have a lot of experience in litigation. As opposed to working with other people, I can trust that I'm never dealing with unrealistic expectations." -Rob Glickman

"They are astoundingly good. I think it's experience - their desire to never stop learning. They have an extremely high energy level. They're not above putting on their boots and getting out there." -Mary Whitmer

"The Dottore team was very thorough on all due diligence. They have a firm grasp of the hard and soft issues of the situation. They spent 2-3 days interviewing the personnel to understand each situation. It was very reassuring because they were good at reading people and it was something we didn't have to do - saving us three days of work." -Jake Crocker

"Dottore brings a well-rounded leadership team to the table. They truly care about my interests and assets. After working with them once, I implicitly trust them in all situations." -Tim McCarthy

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