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Image of Charlie Dottore, the Forensic Investigator for Dottore Companies, LLC

Charlie Dottore

A myriad of skills in the receivership and mediation professions make forensic investigator Charlie Dottore an indispensable part of the unsurpassed success of the Dottore Companies team.  As the primary interventionist in the first 72 hours of a case, Charlie expertly secures properties, consolidates and protects assets, interacts with regulatory agencies, and represents interests in Federal Court, including property, which is in custodia legis.  His network of resources, built through decades of experience and relationships, assures unquestionably faultless project management from initial contacts through final disposition.  Projects that involve deeper and lengthy investigation and supervision benefit from Charlie Dottore's rigorous standards and perseverance to achieve optimal outcomes.  Charlie regularly and enthusiastically shares his professional skills with charitable organizations, and local boards to serve the Greater Cleveland community.