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NAFER Membership with Mark Dottore

So this week is a great week for us here at Dottore Companies because I'm a member of NAFER and we're all members of NAFER, which is the National Federal Equity Receivers group, which we're very proud to belong to because you can't just join it, you have to be asked to join it. It's a group that was put together six, seven years ago now by the United States government by agencies, or we call them letter agencies, for the United States government to come up with a list of receivers who they feel are the best receivers in the country, and we were honored to be picked as one of them. 

Since then, I have become a board member; I was voted by my peers one of the top receivers in the country. The thing about NAFER is I'm also a member of INSOL, which is the International Solvency of Receivers. What NAFER has done is we've partnered with them and people constantly hear about how they hid money overseas. Well, now Dottore Companies and NAFER has a vehicle to go and get that money overseas which is huge because as we know now, money can be transferred in a nanosecond. It's two keystrokes and the money's gone. So what's made it difficult is it's not the traditional "go seize the bank account" because it's sitting there. It's a matter of cyber currency and cyberspace being moved back and forth. And now we have colleagues overseas that can go get it.

We did a case in the Bahamas. We recovered eight hundred thousand dollars which would have, in years past, would've been impossible. We had contacts there on the ground, the bank, the property, we got control of the property, got the money, and got the money transferred back to the US and paid the people that should've had the money in the first place. It's tools like this that most companies in our business don't have.

By the way, we are one of the only companies in the country that this is all we do. Now there's some people that do it as a side business. This is our business day in, day out. There's some in Texas, there's some in Florida, there's companies in California, but there's only maybe four or five companies that actually just do receivership day in and day out. That's how we market ourselves. And we have a big staff, we have accountants, we have lawyers, and it's all in-house, we're a one-stop shop. We have a large facility here that we can repossess things in a minute and we have a great logistics team so that nothing slips by us.

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